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Best rated banking app in Norway?


This week in fintech

May 3 · Issue #58 · View online

A weekly summary of the latest news in our world of finance, design, and technology.

  • 🇳🇴 Norwegian fintech scene
  • 🔀 A new bank consolidation wave?
  • 🪙 E-krone incoming?
  • ⛓ Cryptocurrency mining ruining automatic testing
  • 🖲 Tech and teams
  • 🏡 Mortgage
  • ⌚️ Are you investing in watches?
  • 🧮 Party in a spreadsheet

DNB is reporting that they now have the highest-rated app in the App Store. A feat Sparebanken Vest has claimed for the last few years. This rating is, however, a bit arbitrary considering who and how many reviews apps. After digging a bit more, it is pretty interesting to compare review-numbers with how many have actually reviewed the different banking apps:
🇳🇴 Norwegian fintech scene
  • An overview of the Norwegian fintech scene. Link
  • Huge capital requirement prevents Norwegian insurance challengers from starting up. Link
  • If you’ve ever wondered if the pension is a product people aren’t interested in, here is proof: After three months with own pension account (EPK), just over two percent have chosen to transfer their pension to another provider. Link
🔀 A new bank consolidation wave?
  • Joris Lochy makes a case that a new bank consolidation wave is inevitable. The text is a bit dry, but interesting non the less. Link
  • CEO in Sparebanken Vest, Jan Erik Kjerpeseth, wrote something similar about Norwegian savings banks half a year ago.  Link
  • What is the difference between Embedded fintech and Embedded finance? Link
🪙 E-krone incoming?
  • Norges Bank will test technical solutions for an “e-krone.” The central bank of Norway takes the surveys of the Norwegian digital currency one step further, but a possible introduction of digital central bank money will still be some time into the future. Link
  • Key persons in Finans Norway and Bits have written a post about the problems with crypto-currencies and the job that Norges Bank now is doing with a central bank digital currency. They request a public conversation around this since the technology is now running away from the regulations. Link
⛓ Cryptocurrency mining ruining automatic testing
  • CI providers like LayerCI, GitLab, TravisCI, and Shippable are all worsening or shutting down their free tiers due to the cryptocurrency mining attacks we wrote about last week. Link
  • What proponents and opponents of cryptocurrencies warn against happened in Turkey: Crypto exchange goes bust as founder flees the country. Link
  • The best NFT-explanation so far. Link
  • Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is selling a link representing a composite image that features a photograph of herself in front of a print by another artist that contains a photo (of herself) taken by (presumably) yet another artist. In other words, she is selling an NFT. Link
🖲 Tech and teams
  • «Provide goals, not too big, to 2–4 developers». That is the culmination of twenty years of coding, team-leading, architecting, and mentoring from Charles Miller. If you ask me, that sounds rather spot-on. He also has an important ask to all of us: «Ask yourself, do you need that pre-work meeting?» Link
  • Speaking of meetings: Research proves that your brain needs a break. Breaks between meetings allow the brain to “reset,” reducing a cumulative buildup of stress across sessions. Link
🏡 Mortgage
  • Several IT security experts believe DNB has good reasons to block Renteradar’s robot from extracting mortgage information from customers’ online banks. Link
  • Lunar buys Lendify, Sweden’s largest loan marketplace, and their loan book. Link
⌚️ Are you investing in watches?
  • Watches have recently risen into the ranks of investible alternative assets and keep on climbing. But is it just pure taste that makes a good investment, or is there more to it? Link
  • The most popular luxury watches can double in value after you buy them. Several have long waiting lists. Now people are reporting bubble tendencies. Link
🧮 Party in a spreadsheet
  • Model and simulate your financial future. ProjectiFi has free planning and projection tools to create and compare different financial plans. Link
  • How to arrange a party in a spreadsheet. Link
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